31 December 2008

Why not to eat meat

The refusal to eat animals due to treatment is reason that does not hold sway in my mind. This does not stem from some "faith based" reason, if such a thing even exists. Animals were not put here on Earth to be subservient to humans. We are not the protectors nor the guardians of the worlds animal population. We have evolved to a point where we control the evolutionary paths of the creatures around us to serve our survival and now, in this day and age, to increase our comfort and contribute to time spent at leisure.

Any reasoning speaking of humans as 'cruel' to 'cute' animals is equally asinine. Yes, animals feel pain. Yes, they feel discomfort in poor conditions. In the end however, animals will die. Everything that is alive will die. In most cases these creatures would not be alive in the first place without careful tending by humans and because we are the keepers of life and death for these creatures I find it hard to rationalize some sort of "right" to exist in the open, free range that should dissuade us from treating them a certain way.

The one reason I have found to be persuasive is the environmental one. Methane is much worse of a greenhouse gas than carbon gas, and as we may all know methane is a natural by-product of digestion for most animals. That being said, one has a pretty good reason to at least cut back on meat consumption.

So there we go. Try to eat less meat. Save the world. Simple math.

09 December 2008

We did it!

Personal responsibility is now dead. thanks soccer moms of the world. you've finally done it. bailouts, shift blame, and talk about how unfair the situation is. either way you've successfully rid the world of any personal stake in the matter. congrats. you will rot in hell.

17 November 2008

Too Big to Fail?

I cannot believe that the phrase was even uttered. What in the heck is going on in this country? What for did we fight those 'evil' socialists around the world for in the first place? I can't believe this rationalization is being used to steal from hardworking Americans. my reasons for saying this:
1. taxes are collected in order to provide services for the country.
2. in no place in the constitution does it specify that the 'american way of life' is gaurenteed.
3. when we tie ourselves to the market, as is the only way to preserve the RIGHT to property we knowingly accept the risk that the market may fail. however, in doing so we preserve the RIGHT to things that are our own.

when the government demands your taxes, they are stealing things from you that do not belong to them. when the government takes your taxes and uses it to float a company that can't compete in the market, the are using stolen goods for an immoral reason. ask yourself, to whom is this money being sent? whose good is it for? the public good? that doesn't make sense, because it is coming at the expense of some more than others... if it was for the public good, the public would have an equal share of it... but wait, why this company? what makes them different from any mom and pop shop? the number of people it effects? but it doesn't effect every single person in the US, so its not truly for the whole public good... just the good of some. but wait, why am i paying for lousy business practices? practices that made suv's for years and then wonders why they are ill equipped to deal with a changing market? doesn't this seem like the basic premise of capitalism? adapt or fail? so then, why is the good of some being justified to take money from all in different amounts to bail out an industry that has just plain failed at doing what they are supposed to do? the government is infringing on your right to ownership in order to help people who pay for their positions. they are not providing a public good, like roads, sewers, or national defense, that can potentially benefit all. they are choosing a select industry, one that has no right to exist in a capitalist world (they make a product they can't sell!!!!!!!!!!), and giving them your property so as to preserve temporarily the american STANDARD of life. not the american WAY of life. they wish to jeopardize our WAY in order to preserve our current STANDARD. our STANDARD of living is driving to work, buying ipods for our kids, throwing everything and anything into the trash. our WAY is to work, get what you work for, keep what you work for, and use this in exchange for something someone else works for and is willing to part with. want to help the auto industry????? MAKE THEM WOO INVESTORS!!!!1!!! like any other company in this goddamn country! to say these companies are too important to fail is just plain UN-AMERICAN.

13 November 2008

Past, Present, and Future

The three branches in government act as three organs of the American body. They have a specific function used to guide the body in the best direction. They all have a sensory input to the body. The judiciary is sensitive to the past. They guide the country when it forgets its roots, the goals and ideals of the Enlightenment. The congress is the present. Responsible only to its constituents, it is concerned with their pressing needs. This is why only CONGRESS can declare war and why war can never be justifiably preemptive. The president has future preception, and it is his respobsibility to introduce change to the system and convince everyone its needed. More on this later perhaps, I just wanted to get it down when it was still in my head.

12 November 2008

Let them fail

Our government is once again using fear as a tactic, but this time it isn't rationalized as a reason to go to war. Maybe they don't realize they're doing it this time. We are frightened to death of change. Yes, I know we just elected a leader who promised to bring "change" to the country, but what I'm talking about is systematic change. We are afraid to lose our way of life. This needs a little historical introduction as a headnote to get everyone on the same train of thought.

In the 1700s the English and French began discussing the nature of nature. They asked themselves, what was it all like before these creations of man? How did mankind exist when it was analogous to animals? What made man tansform into the creature he is today? SELF INTEREST. Then, having discussed how society functioned in State of Nature, they discussed what improvements were most effective. These thinkers came up with three ideas that are essential to cooperation in the Human race, only three limits that ought to be placed on self interest that actually increase the productive powers of self interest: the rights to life, liberty, and property. In the 1700s the Scots thought up something great. They theorized that by making the economy (the method in which humans interact with material goods) equivalent to the state of nature they could use this most inherent of human characteristics to increase productivity and raise the standard of living for all. In this capitalist system, the strong and smart would prevail while the weak and timid fail.

We are nearly scared to death of Capitalism. If our banks fail, we die, apparantly. What we don't realize is this failure is the very thing that makes capitalism work! If life is one large learning experience, then mistakes are good for our future. If we do not fail, there can be no progress. The system that we have obviously is not perfect. By bailing out these large financial institutions we are preserving an imperfect system so as to not take that leap of innovation and adaptation. The only real way to influence business is to show that it is unprofitable to engage in a course of action. By bailing out the large financial institutions we are negating that effect. If we truly are capitalist we should stop acting in this manner.

If we are not capitalist, then we should stop teaching it in schools and stop proclaiming it to the world. Capitalism allowed a Nation to rise in this land. It allowed immigrants a place where their hard work was not co-opted by another's interest. It gave them the opportunity to act in a self interested way. In fact, the self interest is the only reason they are here in the first place!

There are no barriers in the country, yet we set a dangerous precedent in these recent acts. We now proclaim: We are capitalist untill stormy seas appear on the horizon. That is unacceptable in my eyes. Adapt and survive. Let the weak fall and the strong rise to take their place. These are the laws that govern nature and supposedly our economic theory. Its about time we started looking to it.

as a side note:

09 November 2008

Can't Take It With You When You Go

Sometimes you to take a step back and rededicate yourself, remind yourself of the reasons that guide your actions. I need it sometimes, for sure. Focus has a way of fading over time. We are temporary creatures at heart it seems. The only thing we can do is have the awareness about ourselves to recognize that we need to refocus every now and then...

03 November 2008

Choose Your Destiny... Flawless Victory... MORTAL KOMBAT

With election day coming up (tomorrow), I would like to take the time to unload upon thee all the shit that has been floating around in my head. First things first... PLEASE VOTE WITH YOUR HEAD. Think about the choices you make. Ask yourself why you feel the way you feel about the issues that matter to you. Don't just say they are important to you, give a reason! Most of the people I have spoken with this last election cycle have no idea why they think the way they think, whether it is a "Barack Obama is a closet Muslim Terrorist gay baby rapist killer" or "I want change in Washington, yes we can" (both statements are equally absurd). Heres what I think of the candidates, and by assuming that I am correct you can feel free to vote accordingly with my views.

John McCain is same old bullshit Rovian politics. He is still trying to hold down the cobbled together neo-con majority that held sway in 2000 and '04. What he fails to realize is the campaign promises of those 8 years were never upheld. Gay Marriage was not made illegal on a national scale, Roe v. Wade was not addressed at all, and the economy went to shit through deficit spending and a war on two fronts. Because of all this baggage, McCain has to hold together these fiscal conservatives, religious nutjobs, and power projectionist hawks without the specter of another 911 to hold these totally non-aligning groups together. He has reverted to the old republican game: make the voters feel like they are pulling for the underdog (even though the party is incumbent...), complain about new taxes and big government (even though the government is huge and spending out of control because of your own party), and pander to the masses not by making intelligent arguments about which policy is best (instead try trotting out a dumbass from fuck-me-in-the-ear-hole ohio who wouldn't know true socialism if it gave him a swift kick in his future kids). Oh, and also call anyone from a metropolitan area un-American. We all know if you don't listen to country or work on a farm or hate black people you are a terrorist. Thanks John McCain, for playing the same bullshit song thats been on for near a decade. And by the way, your "i was tortured" card is revoked due to overuse. As a future serviceman I never thought I could honestly think to myself that I am embarrassed about someone relating what they did for their country. Gott im Himmel, give it a rest please.

Sarah Palin is so incredibly unworthy of thought that she will not be addressed. She is an insult to women everywhere. Talk about a token.

Barack Hussein Obama is not a closet terrorist. He is a domestic liberal whose ideas are clearly stated and thought out. His Upsides are thus: His plans are CLEAR CUT. How can we as a people not thank him enough for this? He has not made character attacks. Its nice to see a guy who wants to debate the issues. However, he is a liberal, meaning he believes that the government can solve many of the problems plaguing America. This i fundamentally disagree with, however at least he doesn't beat around the bush with it. Barack Obama is in favor of the European Socialist economic and social model. It may be whats needed in today's world, but I also disagree with the ideas of raised taxes on those who make more and the like. What I do agree with him is the necessity for government stimulus of the green energy market. That is necessary, and whoever would like to talk about it can meet me outside. The only thing I do not like about him is the idea of Change. Change is bullshit. It is both impossible and impractical. Anytime a candidate runs on the platform of change, what he really means is lets change out the old bullshit and give someone else a chance to ravage the system. It is a necessary evil I guess but one I wish the otherwise very strong candidate would avoid.

Now whose the best of these? Bobb Barr, the Libertarian Candidate. Or maybe Ralph Nader. Or actually, ME. Thats who I'm voting for.

10 October 2008

Class Warfare

This editorial pretty much sums up why I find it difficult to support republicans. If only they didn't dumb themselves down on purpose... if only...


05 October 2008

The Values of the Rich

Money and politics seem to be connected at the hip. Hand and hand, if you will. There seems to be a direct contradiction in the belief that political speech is to be unlimited (by the first amendment), and that the rich should not play a more proportional role in the governing of the country. If speech in this country is a function of wealth (you would be foolish to claim that it is not), then in a way political action is also a function of wealth. Therefore, money is political power. C.R.E.A.M. Talking 'bout the money. Dolla dolla bills y'all. However, is this truly a bad thing? This country was founded on the belief that property is one of the basic human rights. An increase in property is an increase in ease of life. If ease of life is deemed desirable, then it follows that collection of property is desirable. If this is a right then cannot be denied, but it is also the fact that this collection is desirable, how is it undesirable that the expression of this basic American right is equated to speech and, indirectly so, political power? If wealth is a function of talent, and all men are guaranteed the right to keep what they make, then is wealth a function of talent and luck, and the expression through politics (guaranteed to all citizens) therefore dependent ultimately on inherent differences in ability, and any distinction based thereof a limit to these basic principles? To limit the influence of money is not to ward against corruption, and any claim otherwise is a limit to personal freedom. If every person in this country is truly free to the right of pursuing happiness(wealth), then there is an equal opportunity to express ones self politically through this money. An argument otherwise is to unfairly limit those who are the beneficiaries of talent on principle, and is against what this country guarantees. It is a basic human right to spend as much as you want. So says the constitution.

10 September 2008

"I feel like..."

I dislike most sentences started in such a way. Out of the Library the other day I happened upon a conversation which had a sentence like that. It went: "I feel like morality is all in our heads, a social imposition and requirement. It really isn't real." Immediately I was thrown back to my freshman year...

I remember thinking something very similar. As a student of history I realized it very early on; morality is a relative creation of the society in which one lives. Moral codes have changed throughout the years and will continue to change as the world around them changes. Morality is, now that I have come to rationalize it, a creation akin to government and religion. In fact these three play off each other frequently. All of these, in my humble opinion, are solid. Real. Definite.

They are definite because in some way, they are based off the land. These all spawn from the need of many to share, in some way, a definite set of resources. The set is bookended with brackets on both sides. Changes in these three basic human constructions reflect changes in environment (or methods to exploit the environment). They exist because someone at some time found it necessary to construct them in order to make life easier. The organization these structures provide created the way of life we lead today.

Recognizing that a system is flawed and relative is only the first step in the thought process. It is the knee jerk reaction when one finds a contradiction in anything. It is akin to the revolutions in art. A fault is found, a gap in logic, and a reaction subscribed to change the establishment. However, as the revolution cools, it becomes logical to once again codify it. In the same way, to recognize that morality is indefinite is only the first step to realizing that it is definite. Once one asks "why was this here in the first place", the answer will lead them to cherish the nature of morality. Organization is, and will continue to be vital for some semblance of survival on any level. God help us when it is no longer needed.


03 July 2008

Happy Birthday America

"Our country" is a wonderful phrase, correct in so many ways. By, of and for the people, our country was created in order to gain our freedom. In this sense, freedom was meant in the Spartan sense, freedom from outside rule. However, Athenian freedom also plays into the tradition, where every citizen gets the vote. The combination of these two is unique. Our Country is unique. Dissention is encouraged, Rights are ensured, and our elected leader will step down in a couple months WITHOUT hesitation. Incredible. However, I think people forget sometimes what this freedom is really about. Our founders held certain things to be beyond question. That all Men are equal from birth till death, and therefore have the same rights. When a government does not uphold these rights, it must be thrown off and a new form of government secured. Our government has violated these very things. Please, take time to read the declaration of independence this weekend. It only takes 10 minutes. Try to justify OUR COUNTRY's actions for the past 8 years after reading it. If you've half a brain it will anger you. Anyway, enough of the preaching.... im just a little fired up. as if you couldn't tell. Our Country has a set of guidlines that should never be crossed, regardless of any terrorist threat, or any other threat. Those guidlines are what we fight for, what makes this Our Country. Without them, we are not the free country we imagine, but the rich, complacent consumer group that currently enjoys its temporary place at the top of the heap. Our life of ease, our place as lone superpower is temporary. Only these rights will help us to prevail as a people, and it is best that we remember that.

Happy Independence Day to all.

21 June 2008


talking 'bout the money... dolla dolla bills y'all.

The Wu Tang Clan certainly said it best. There's no way out of this hustle. Growing up seems to be, in this age, just a judgment on how you make money, not the growth or content of a person's character. I must admit its kind of disgusting, to see full grown people act like children on a daily baisis, disregarding social responsibility, driving like lunatics to get somewhere on time, proving over and over daily the prisoner's dilemma. Seems to me that riches, or even the pursuit of wealth, make excuses for people to throw away responsibility for their own lives. They lend a sense of self importance to everything a person tries to accomplish. I listen to it on the radio all day at work (yeah I know, how very hypocritical of me) , and it has really hit home in the recent days. There is no way out of this awful system where aravice is rewarded and general sinning the norm. Anything for a dollar. The moment you try to step out of this system someone will take advantage of your absence, so it makes little sense to fight it that way. How can something so necessary be so corruptingly selfish? There is no gospel song for a problem like this, only blues dispair and reality. Cash Rules Everything Around Me, and it will forever.

24 May 2008

Stream of Thought

As a bit of a warning, there is no overall direction for this one. Straight off the top of my head... If you can't tell by the timestamp its about 330 in the morning and I have some things to get out somewhere. I was painting today, and for all of you who don't know, it is almost completely brainless. Lots of time to think. Without any further ado...

I got awsome grades this semester. Finally got them all back. Finally feels like I've found a groove here, found my place. It sure has taken long enough. I didn't really understand until now, looking back on it, how much the home drama upset me here. I tried to remove myself from it, insulate myself, but its apparant that never really had the desired effect. This semester was by far one of the best, and this year in general the best yet. I don't put up with the people that are bringin me down, held close the ones dear to me, understand the purpose in this education scheme, have the goal of the Navy to look forward to... Just a good feeling in general. Anyway, seems like whenever you want to tell somebody how good things are going, no one is really interested. Acutally, sometimes it seems that whenever I say anything, no one really cares. It doesn't bug me any, cause i rarely listen to what they say anyway. Then again, I talk too much anyway, so its a good reality check. Anyway, thats the great thing about this bullshit emo forum. It can never seem bored! You just keep typing and it keeps posting... awsome. My kind of format. Thanks for listening internets!

21 May 2008


I love reality checks. I would say I'm on a high horse more often than most, and its nice to be reminded that you still have work to accomplish. I made a promise to myself last night, one that I intend on keeping, and it all revolves around this idea of progression. An interesting concept, progression. It has so many implications. First, it states, without pulling any punches, that something is not perfect. It acknowledges flaws immediately. At the same time it is full of promise. When combining both these ideas, progression is really nothing more than an increase of the stakes. It is a promise that the way things were will not continue; We are done with the old, so much so that there is a new standard by which we judge things. Progression is necessary, it seems, to keep something that you hold dear. It is awesome that she challenges me in this way.

Thats it for now. Not much time to write because of so much work. But Europe next year will be worth it. Peace for now.

15 May 2008

Adding To Perspective

Here's a metaphor for all of you. Perhaps first a little background. In the summer of 2005 I was lucky enough to go to the Grand Canyon with my sister father. It was a near spiritual experience for me, lots of time to think. Time to just get away and reflect on things. When we claimed out of the canyon, up the North Rim, the trail leads past a very flat rock that looks out on the path you have just traveled. Being at the end of the final set of switchbacks, you can see the first bend in the path all the way up the side to where you are, a view that was impossible while climbing up. I thought this is a useful metaphor for perspective.

At the Beginning of the day, all you can see is a goal, a final destination, looming, sometimes daunting, in front of you miles away. You can also only see the path in front of you, maybe a fork in the path. Either way, you are limited to the foreseeable future. As you get into the day, and the sun rises, it gets hotter, and the perspective changes. You fail to see the promise felt at the beginning of the day, too embroiled in the struggle and the present, hiking up switchbacks, stopping for water or food. The journey is proceeding, but based on the present trials. Even if you can see what lays behind you, it isn't fully appriciated. Finally, at the end of the journey, it dawns on you. You understand the Beauty of what you have just accomplished, of the scenery that was there all the time.

If we want to get away from this romantic vision of a journey, it can be viewed in this way: The trials seem paltry when viewed from the outside. Experience always seems dire because it is more real than extrapolation. Thinking about the journey that is to come or has passed is not nearly as real as the experience at hand.

Perspective works in both ways. It can put experience in its place, as not that important in the overall picture. On the other hand however, it can cloud the present feelings in a false sense of grand meaning. Either way, perspective is interwoven into every memory and thought that we have.

11 May 2008

What if...

What if Barabas was an insurgent against the Roman empire. What if Barabas was being held by the Romans for rebelling and trying to lead Israel to freedom? Can you blame them for wanting a rebel leader back instead of some dude who promised to be the Messiah and did no earthly rescuing? I can't...

Which brings me to my point. Which is somewhat ironically Point of View. Who thinks about all the people who died on the death star? I think alot of problems could be solved around the world with just a dap of the golden rule. Thats the cure for agression. Not this fix from above. change is a grass roots thing, and only there will it have any chance of working.

09 May 2008

Schmitt and the Realists

Here's a paper I just had to write for 506. Check it out if your interested in the problems of a universal declaration of human rights and an end to wars of aggression as mandated by a multi-national world authority. the formatting is weird cause i don't quite know how to use the wisc webspace yet, but im working on it...


ps, besides all of the problems accompanying this line of universalist thought, i can't stand for simply for its universality. Universal is the lack of individuality and freedom, no matter the subject, and this is a door I will never support opening. A moral hegemony is the most frightening entity I can think of in the public sphere.


08 May 2008

I'm a Man, man

Got to love the Navy's (or the Armed Forces' in general) recruitment tactics. Recieved a call from our favorite recruiter, just doin his job, trying to get me to commit immediately to the Navy. To do so, however, would be to pass up the opportunity to go to Europe next year, something I'm not willing to do. He called into question if i was truly commited to doing it. I understand that he has to do that; he doesn't know me well enough to know I have made a commitment to myself to do this, and only an act of God will get in the way of it. So I can't really blame him. Which brings me to the point of today...

Here's an idea about being a great man.
The difference between a good man and a great man cannot be determined by accomplishments. Many good men are considered great because of their circumstances only. The great must know they are great on the inside, know without a doubt who they are. I do not mean to imply anything here, I can only one day hope to be a great man. Regardless, my definition of greatness has nothing to do with accomplishments. Importance and Greatness are not similies. Greatness relies on an inner peace, an absoluteness about who you are and what you are doing in this world. It is a realization of ability and a challenge to fufill yourself to your greatest potential. Constant redefinition of this is also part of it. It is a wonderful duality. The certainty of the necessity of change. Knowing that you are doing your best to be who you are and at the same time realizing the need to change that person for the better. In a way, it relates to the concept of Christian humility. Regardless of how hard you try, you will sin. It is a certainty. You can be the best and still have room for improvement. Humanity is flawed from the start, and yet there is hope. You can find strength, and there is hope for the future. It is def. something to aspire to.
Some day...

post script.
Snack pack. what a find. my favorite.
the end.

06 May 2008

Post Script


frickin sweet. awsome map, gets you thinking about how they come up with these numbers...

No Drama in the Somma

It is summer. Almost. Just barely. Almost. School likes to tease us by giving us nice days during which we must study study study. Oh well. Good thing I am practiced at telling school to go fuck off...

Which brings me to my point. Liberalism vs. Realism. A world state vs. Realism. I can't get the images of Firefly out of my head when we deal with issues like these in class and in readings. The image of the total state doesn't scare me so much as disgust me. If we can't trust our governments currently, how on earth can we trust the moral loftiness of a world state. The end of war doesn't jibe well with my view on power structure. There will always be something worth fighting for. There SHOULD always be something worth fighting for. If you can't find anything, you don't yet know how they are abusing you using a power structure to mask their intentions and actions. We have been warned, from the depths of history, to guard against those who would make us passive by showing us the "good life", by those who will redefine honor, duty, and virtue to suit their needs. Pleanexia or Sophrosyne? The Protestant Ethic or The Hive of Bees? The World State or the pit fight for your own view of truth. Kant or Schmitt? It is not a relative matter. Power structures must be kept local to minimize the damage done by their misuse. They will never cease to be misused. Ethics will shift with time, in no uncertain terms. What we agree as right today will not be so to our children's children. To codify them is to ban gay marriage in the state constitution. Utterly ridiculous. The choice is easy. At least for me.

Peace for now.

20 March 2008

Stream of Thought...

There has been too much writing sans thought. Or outline for that matter. I am not a fan. Without any more ado...

Got back from skiing today. Amazing. Certainly makes me feel grateful for the opportunities presented to me. How can you not be thankful on top of a mountain (for pleasure)? With the season of lent coming to a close it seems that we have much to be thankful for. Money may be short, but friends are plentiful. Always plentiful.

I was having a conversation the other day about the rationality of religion. Is it possible to remove a diety from the picture and still find the organization useful? I would say yes. Its by far the simplest form of community, and there is nothing wrong with that. It teaches a set of values that are useful for making the community successful and thriving. That presupposes work and such is a preferred goal, but one im willing to admit. Religion has a purpose sans god and worship, and that is as an orginizational apparatus.

Does it lose its purpose without a diety to worship? probably. How then, do you keep intellegence, logic, and sanity within the community? Faith is a horrible excuse for an organization with huge potential for good. However, maybe you can rationalize thusly:
1. religions are founded on firstly a fundamental belief in a creator. a diety whose power is worthy of worship so as to appease or recognize.
2. Life, the jump from matter to what is defined as life, cannont be scientifically demonstrated.
With these two statements in mind, there is an impass. Science can show imperically, and with relative reason that many of the examples of faith are not 100% truth. However, we know these examples to uphold some of the greatest instutions man has made. Perhaps we can take the uncertainty of creation and say that LIFE itself is divine. If faith is an answer for lapse or absence of reason, this would be a good place to insert it. If you build religion for a respect for life overall, you may be able to rationalize religion in general.

11 March 2008

"I've got a bad feeling about this..."

What a good quote. The thing is though, i don't have a bad feeling about this. i'm on the upslope. finally. its been far too long since ive been on an upslope. a year ago around this time i resolved to be a different person, to create my own upslope. i had much to work on. this summer i braced myself for the change that was to take place. this fall, i was everything i wanted to be. and now, things are starting to go right for me. its a testament to the power of will and sacrifice. it was a long down swing. quite a long one. one that started at the end of my senior summer. there have been moments of happiness, but no progress as a person; no progress for my life. i think thats really the important measure in life. progression. goals and self-realization. identifying what you do not enjoy about yourself, finding things you can rally around, symbols or ideas, and then working for change. no one is ever perfect. but the closer to your own brand of perfect you can get, the greater the frequency of moments of happiness.

now that im who i want to be, whats to stop me? there is nothing. i am already everything i want. content. happiness comes to the content, drawn like a magnet. i have a plan, i have great company on my path, and i have the right equipment to complete the journey. the only thing that remains is time and willpower: those i have plenty of. it is a good time to be me. Hallejulah!

Shorty is great. what more can i say? i know her, but how well do i really? i like what i know so far, but how deep does she go? she's in my mind often.

02 March 2008

The Jukebox Hero and the Rebel Alliance

The Jukebox hero stands for comedy. it is random, an aknowledgement of random. there are things that will happen every day of your life that you will be unable to control. they could be given to God's hand, but the important thing, regardless of where they originated is that they are random. things happen, and life goes on. or it doesnt. in a way random is to pay heed to fragile and temporary. so yes, the jukebox hero is stupid. but that is where it's power lies. itis purposefully unreasonable, and therfore meaningful.

The rebel alliance is freedom. personal freedom, collaberation, collective action, and struggle without heed to odds. it is personal freedom without undue regulations. it is responsibility in self. it is a group of people of different backgrounds working together on a common ground by sacrificing superficial needs to meet a goal.it is struggle for the sake of struggle, without hope succeeding. this is the best kind of struggle, a struggle where you cannot possibily meet your goals. only here will you find the strength, or lack thereof, inside of you. how can you know yourself without knowing your abilities and nonabilities.

kokopelli is life. he is a recognition of that which has created, supports, and will continue to support the miracle of life on this planet. it is elemental and something to be respected. it is respect, but not a solemn respect. it is at the same time spontaneous and rejoicing, musical and free of the shakels of human society. it is unbridled energy.

27 February 2008

the second

did i spell willkommen wrong? nice. maybe thats why im not doing too well in that class.

heres a question to think about for a while: turning the other cheek. when do we do this? are we to do this in the public or the private sphere (if i can use schmitt for a moment)? it could be said that jesus turned the other cheek only in the private sphere (though it is worth mentioning that the only stories we have of him come from the private area). even if we operate under the assumption that he did the ultimate turning of the other cheek by giving his life for humanity, i would argue that humanity is not necessarily the public sphere. i agree with schmitt when he says for a political action, to operate in the mode of a body of people united politically, there must be a foreign enemy, and since there is none to the body known as "humanity", this cannot by definition be a public group. so this explanation does not go anywhere to answer the questions do we turn the othere cheek to our public enemies. the greeks seemed to differentiate between the two, and as schmitt points out, some of the original translations of the bible refer to the greek word for private enemey, though you must take his words with a grain of salt as well. i don't believe everything he says, but i think his view on public and private are usefull in this case.

We generally assume, also, as related by Augustine, that we are only to do this to teach the wrong doer, show him the error of his (i will generally use this word, i mean his/hers and whatnot, to save time in the future; it will always be his when referring to a nueter meaning) ways. our self sacrifice to the betterment of others is a noble goal, one worthy of heaven. however this method of thinking is not without its own assumptions. it goes a long way in assuming that the wrongdoer plays by your rules. if he does not, if the moral codes do not line up in such a fashion, or if he has no moral guidlines whatsoever (make your own judgements on this, i intend to pass none. i see moral as cultural constructs serving as unwritten laws in order to facilitate group working of ancient peoples) the the point it generally moot. interesting to think about, and to try to apply. perhaps today, with a growing lack of dire consequences, it will become easier to turn the other cheek.

in other news:
i heard a question that i never wanted to hear today. the worst part about it was i didn't know the answer to it. i feel myself slipping into it, the quiet comfort and ease of self assurance. but what do i actually feel about it? is it going on because of its availability or because it is the right thing to do. i find more and more that i have trouble trusting in the whole situation, both on my end and on hers. i feel like i always have to hold back, never play my last card. if we want contintue with that analogy, i don't know if i could handle being trumped. it seems to me that to atually work in the way that i would want to i would have to shoot the moon (gosh darn that is annoying, im sorry for that little belch of shitty authorship). but in all honesty, i don't feel like i trust her or myself to make it work long term, and the stakes are much to high. i don't believe i can handle the risk.

and check this out:
http://xkcd.com/389/. awsome.

also, check out the new saxophone website ina and i have been putting together. it is very rudimentary, but it will work much better than the other one has this past year. gosh i love it when people in leadership roles shirk responsibility.


24 February 2008


Yep. The first post. How interesting.