06 May 2008

No Drama in the Somma

It is summer. Almost. Just barely. Almost. School likes to tease us by giving us nice days during which we must study study study. Oh well. Good thing I am practiced at telling school to go fuck off...

Which brings me to my point. Liberalism vs. Realism. A world state vs. Realism. I can't get the images of Firefly out of my head when we deal with issues like these in class and in readings. The image of the total state doesn't scare me so much as disgust me. If we can't trust our governments currently, how on earth can we trust the moral loftiness of a world state. The end of war doesn't jibe well with my view on power structure. There will always be something worth fighting for. There SHOULD always be something worth fighting for. If you can't find anything, you don't yet know how they are abusing you using a power structure to mask their intentions and actions. We have been warned, from the depths of history, to guard against those who would make us passive by showing us the "good life", by those who will redefine honor, duty, and virtue to suit their needs. Pleanexia or Sophrosyne? The Protestant Ethic or The Hive of Bees? The World State or the pit fight for your own view of truth. Kant or Schmitt? It is not a relative matter. Power structures must be kept local to minimize the damage done by their misuse. They will never cease to be misused. Ethics will shift with time, in no uncertain terms. What we agree as right today will not be so to our children's children. To codify them is to ban gay marriage in the state constitution. Utterly ridiculous. The choice is easy. At least for me.

Peace for now.

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