21 June 2008


talking 'bout the money... dolla dolla bills y'all.

The Wu Tang Clan certainly said it best. There's no way out of this hustle. Growing up seems to be, in this age, just a judgment on how you make money, not the growth or content of a person's character. I must admit its kind of disgusting, to see full grown people act like children on a daily baisis, disregarding social responsibility, driving like lunatics to get somewhere on time, proving over and over daily the prisoner's dilemma. Seems to me that riches, or even the pursuit of wealth, make excuses for people to throw away responsibility for their own lives. They lend a sense of self importance to everything a person tries to accomplish. I listen to it on the radio all day at work (yeah I know, how very hypocritical of me) , and it has really hit home in the recent days. There is no way out of this awful system where aravice is rewarded and general sinning the norm. Anything for a dollar. The moment you try to step out of this system someone will take advantage of your absence, so it makes little sense to fight it that way. How can something so necessary be so corruptingly selfish? There is no gospel song for a problem like this, only blues dispair and reality. Cash Rules Everything Around Me, and it will forever.