26 January 2011


It strikes me how incredibly powerless the average citizen is in this country. It is remarkably frustrating. Brought on by the state of the union address (which I thought was quite good) and its rebuttals, my sense of helplessness is overwhelming. It appears that the Humanities are dead, and that I surely chose the wrong major.

I want to blame my parents, who told me I could do anything with my life. I blame myself, for thinking that I could be successful with history as a profession. I blame the State and the U.S. government for seemingly abandoning a committment to have the smartest, most efficient work force in the world. I feel tempted to blame the greed, the senseless deporting of manufacturing jobs, the incessant bickering between pampered labor unions and corporations concerned only with the bottom line.

Frustration leads to anger, anger leads to hate, and hate leads to the Dark Side.

The only option is to get smarter and more efficient. Complaining about it, becoming frustrated, is a path without an end. Frustration always leads to frustration; it is a way of life. I must shrug the weight of the world from my shoulders and keep on keepin' on.

I started MIT's online Physics I course today. The goal is to work through all of their courses within the year.

23 January 2011

Ready... Set...

The work starts tomorrow. I'm ready as I'll ever be.

Daily goal: Take 30 minutes of time to meditate and relax.
Weekly goal: Work towards overall fitness level.
Birkie training starts for real tomorrow. Added to that is the Madison Marathon training, though that will take a back seat to the skiing for now.

Lets hope that school stays under control.

Go Packers