23 November 2010



Get ready for some serious stream of thought...

Yep. I believe you Republicans. Obama is bad for business. Real bad. The fucking worst. He HATES business. He is a socialisthitlersecretkenyanmuslim and all those scary dark skinned things that threaten your southern bell daughter and democracy and NASCAR. Wait, you know what. He isn't. The left isn't out to steal your well earned money, because you didn't well earn it, and they understand that people need health care. Business under a Democratic president has turned the worst baking system collapses into profit in a blink of an eye. The avarice of your most ardent supporters, the banking industry, has disgusted the American population. This group's lack of moral understanding has been a shame to America for decades, they made money in the banking collapse, and yet asked to be saved, which of course you supported. You wage war on the middle and lower class through the dismemberment of social programs in the name of 'defense' and 'business', because the burden that society demands on them is just too much for them to bear. Even though 'society' is mothers and children, education and health care. When these people stand up for themselves you call them bad for business. You call them anti-American. I'm not buying that argument anymore. It is a lie. You know it, I know it. Let's be honest. You use this rhetoric to protect white, established citizens in this country, because, as you know, they are a well organized, motivated, and funded constituency. Yet this is a shrinking portion of the population. You widen the gap between rich and poor. You call American citizens un-American. You call socially conscious people "anti-business". You believe in the market because you have control over the marketplace. You refuse act as a Christian, in a country that you continually assert is founded on Christian values. Yes, I agree the Democrats are bad. They wrongfully believe that government programs are sometimes the best solution to some problems. But the way you go about doing battle is insanity. You give conservatism a bad name. A real bad name. One that I doubt I can associate with.