24 May 2008

Stream of Thought

As a bit of a warning, there is no overall direction for this one. Straight off the top of my head... If you can't tell by the timestamp its about 330 in the morning and I have some things to get out somewhere. I was painting today, and for all of you who don't know, it is almost completely brainless. Lots of time to think. Without any further ado...

I got awsome grades this semester. Finally got them all back. Finally feels like I've found a groove here, found my place. It sure has taken long enough. I didn't really understand until now, looking back on it, how much the home drama upset me here. I tried to remove myself from it, insulate myself, but its apparant that never really had the desired effect. This semester was by far one of the best, and this year in general the best yet. I don't put up with the people that are bringin me down, held close the ones dear to me, understand the purpose in this education scheme, have the goal of the Navy to look forward to... Just a good feeling in general. Anyway, seems like whenever you want to tell somebody how good things are going, no one is really interested. Acutally, sometimes it seems that whenever I say anything, no one really cares. It doesn't bug me any, cause i rarely listen to what they say anyway. Then again, I talk too much anyway, so its a good reality check. Anyway, thats the great thing about this bullshit emo forum. It can never seem bored! You just keep typing and it keeps posting... awsome. My kind of format. Thanks for listening internets!

21 May 2008


I love reality checks. I would say I'm on a high horse more often than most, and its nice to be reminded that you still have work to accomplish. I made a promise to myself last night, one that I intend on keeping, and it all revolves around this idea of progression. An interesting concept, progression. It has so many implications. First, it states, without pulling any punches, that something is not perfect. It acknowledges flaws immediately. At the same time it is full of promise. When combining both these ideas, progression is really nothing more than an increase of the stakes. It is a promise that the way things were will not continue; We are done with the old, so much so that there is a new standard by which we judge things. Progression is necessary, it seems, to keep something that you hold dear. It is awesome that she challenges me in this way.

Thats it for now. Not much time to write because of so much work. But Europe next year will be worth it. Peace for now.