11 March 2008

"I've got a bad feeling about this..."

What a good quote. The thing is though, i don't have a bad feeling about this. i'm on the upslope. finally. its been far too long since ive been on an upslope. a year ago around this time i resolved to be a different person, to create my own upslope. i had much to work on. this summer i braced myself for the change that was to take place. this fall, i was everything i wanted to be. and now, things are starting to go right for me. its a testament to the power of will and sacrifice. it was a long down swing. quite a long one. one that started at the end of my senior summer. there have been moments of happiness, but no progress as a person; no progress for my life. i think thats really the important measure in life. progression. goals and self-realization. identifying what you do not enjoy about yourself, finding things you can rally around, symbols or ideas, and then working for change. no one is ever perfect. but the closer to your own brand of perfect you can get, the greater the frequency of moments of happiness.

now that im who i want to be, whats to stop me? there is nothing. i am already everything i want. content. happiness comes to the content, drawn like a magnet. i have a plan, i have great company on my path, and i have the right equipment to complete the journey. the only thing that remains is time and willpower: those i have plenty of. it is a good time to be me. Hallejulah!

Shorty is great. what more can i say? i know her, but how well do i really? i like what i know so far, but how deep does she go? she's in my mind often.