03 November 2008

Choose Your Destiny... Flawless Victory... MORTAL KOMBAT

With election day coming up (tomorrow), I would like to take the time to unload upon thee all the shit that has been floating around in my head. First things first... PLEASE VOTE WITH YOUR HEAD. Think about the choices you make. Ask yourself why you feel the way you feel about the issues that matter to you. Don't just say they are important to you, give a reason! Most of the people I have spoken with this last election cycle have no idea why they think the way they think, whether it is a "Barack Obama is a closet Muslim Terrorist gay baby rapist killer" or "I want change in Washington, yes we can" (both statements are equally absurd). Heres what I think of the candidates, and by assuming that I am correct you can feel free to vote accordingly with my views.

John McCain is same old bullshit Rovian politics. He is still trying to hold down the cobbled together neo-con majority that held sway in 2000 and '04. What he fails to realize is the campaign promises of those 8 years were never upheld. Gay Marriage was not made illegal on a national scale, Roe v. Wade was not addressed at all, and the economy went to shit through deficit spending and a war on two fronts. Because of all this baggage, McCain has to hold together these fiscal conservatives, religious nutjobs, and power projectionist hawks without the specter of another 911 to hold these totally non-aligning groups together. He has reverted to the old republican game: make the voters feel like they are pulling for the underdog (even though the party is incumbent...), complain about new taxes and big government (even though the government is huge and spending out of control because of your own party), and pander to the masses not by making intelligent arguments about which policy is best (instead try trotting out a dumbass from fuck-me-in-the-ear-hole ohio who wouldn't know true socialism if it gave him a swift kick in his future kids). Oh, and also call anyone from a metropolitan area un-American. We all know if you don't listen to country or work on a farm or hate black people you are a terrorist. Thanks John McCain, for playing the same bullshit song thats been on for near a decade. And by the way, your "i was tortured" card is revoked due to overuse. As a future serviceman I never thought I could honestly think to myself that I am embarrassed about someone relating what they did for their country. Gott im Himmel, give it a rest please.

Sarah Palin is so incredibly unworthy of thought that she will not be addressed. She is an insult to women everywhere. Talk about a token.

Barack Hussein Obama is not a closet terrorist. He is a domestic liberal whose ideas are clearly stated and thought out. His Upsides are thus: His plans are CLEAR CUT. How can we as a people not thank him enough for this? He has not made character attacks. Its nice to see a guy who wants to debate the issues. However, he is a liberal, meaning he believes that the government can solve many of the problems plaguing America. This i fundamentally disagree with, however at least he doesn't beat around the bush with it. Barack Obama is in favor of the European Socialist economic and social model. It may be whats needed in today's world, but I also disagree with the ideas of raised taxes on those who make more and the like. What I do agree with him is the necessity for government stimulus of the green energy market. That is necessary, and whoever would like to talk about it can meet me outside. The only thing I do not like about him is the idea of Change. Change is bullshit. It is both impossible and impractical. Anytime a candidate runs on the platform of change, what he really means is lets change out the old bullshit and give someone else a chance to ravage the system. It is a necessary evil I guess but one I wish the otherwise very strong candidate would avoid.

Now whose the best of these? Bobb Barr, the Libertarian Candidate. Or maybe Ralph Nader. Or actually, ME. Thats who I'm voting for.

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