31 December 2008

Why not to eat meat

The refusal to eat animals due to treatment is reason that does not hold sway in my mind. This does not stem from some "faith based" reason, if such a thing even exists. Animals were not put here on Earth to be subservient to humans. We are not the protectors nor the guardians of the worlds animal population. We have evolved to a point where we control the evolutionary paths of the creatures around us to serve our survival and now, in this day and age, to increase our comfort and contribute to time spent at leisure.

Any reasoning speaking of humans as 'cruel' to 'cute' animals is equally asinine. Yes, animals feel pain. Yes, they feel discomfort in poor conditions. In the end however, animals will die. Everything that is alive will die. In most cases these creatures would not be alive in the first place without careful tending by humans and because we are the keepers of life and death for these creatures I find it hard to rationalize some sort of "right" to exist in the open, free range that should dissuade us from treating them a certain way.

The one reason I have found to be persuasive is the environmental one. Methane is much worse of a greenhouse gas than carbon gas, and as we may all know methane is a natural by-product of digestion for most animals. That being said, one has a pretty good reason to at least cut back on meat consumption.

So there we go. Try to eat less meat. Save the world. Simple math.

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