03 July 2008

Happy Birthday America

"Our country" is a wonderful phrase, correct in so many ways. By, of and for the people, our country was created in order to gain our freedom. In this sense, freedom was meant in the Spartan sense, freedom from outside rule. However, Athenian freedom also plays into the tradition, where every citizen gets the vote. The combination of these two is unique. Our Country is unique. Dissention is encouraged, Rights are ensured, and our elected leader will step down in a couple months WITHOUT hesitation. Incredible. However, I think people forget sometimes what this freedom is really about. Our founders held certain things to be beyond question. That all Men are equal from birth till death, and therefore have the same rights. When a government does not uphold these rights, it must be thrown off and a new form of government secured. Our government has violated these very things. Please, take time to read the declaration of independence this weekend. It only takes 10 minutes. Try to justify OUR COUNTRY's actions for the past 8 years after reading it. If you've half a brain it will anger you. Anyway, enough of the preaching.... im just a little fired up. as if you couldn't tell. Our Country has a set of guidlines that should never be crossed, regardless of any terrorist threat, or any other threat. Those guidlines are what we fight for, what makes this Our Country. Without them, we are not the free country we imagine, but the rich, complacent consumer group that currently enjoys its temporary place at the top of the heap. Our life of ease, our place as lone superpower is temporary. Only these rights will help us to prevail as a people, and it is best that we remember that.

Happy Independence Day to all.

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