17 November 2008

Too Big to Fail?

I cannot believe that the phrase was even uttered. What in the heck is going on in this country? What for did we fight those 'evil' socialists around the world for in the first place? I can't believe this rationalization is being used to steal from hardworking Americans. my reasons for saying this:
1. taxes are collected in order to provide services for the country.
2. in no place in the constitution does it specify that the 'american way of life' is gaurenteed.
3. when we tie ourselves to the market, as is the only way to preserve the RIGHT to property we knowingly accept the risk that the market may fail. however, in doing so we preserve the RIGHT to things that are our own.

when the government demands your taxes, they are stealing things from you that do not belong to them. when the government takes your taxes and uses it to float a company that can't compete in the market, the are using stolen goods for an immoral reason. ask yourself, to whom is this money being sent? whose good is it for? the public good? that doesn't make sense, because it is coming at the expense of some more than others... if it was for the public good, the public would have an equal share of it... but wait, why this company? what makes them different from any mom and pop shop? the number of people it effects? but it doesn't effect every single person in the US, so its not truly for the whole public good... just the good of some. but wait, why am i paying for lousy business practices? practices that made suv's for years and then wonders why they are ill equipped to deal with a changing market? doesn't this seem like the basic premise of capitalism? adapt or fail? so then, why is the good of some being justified to take money from all in different amounts to bail out an industry that has just plain failed at doing what they are supposed to do? the government is infringing on your right to ownership in order to help people who pay for their positions. they are not providing a public good, like roads, sewers, or national defense, that can potentially benefit all. they are choosing a select industry, one that has no right to exist in a capitalist world (they make a product they can't sell!!!!!!!!!!), and giving them your property so as to preserve temporarily the american STANDARD of life. not the american WAY of life. they wish to jeopardize our WAY in order to preserve our current STANDARD. our STANDARD of living is driving to work, buying ipods for our kids, throwing everything and anything into the trash. our WAY is to work, get what you work for, keep what you work for, and use this in exchange for something someone else works for and is willing to part with. want to help the auto industry????? MAKE THEM WOO INVESTORS!!!!1!!! like any other company in this goddamn country! to say these companies are too important to fail is just plain UN-AMERICAN.

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