02 March 2008

The Jukebox Hero and the Rebel Alliance

The Jukebox hero stands for comedy. it is random, an aknowledgement of random. there are things that will happen every day of your life that you will be unable to control. they could be given to God's hand, but the important thing, regardless of where they originated is that they are random. things happen, and life goes on. or it doesnt. in a way random is to pay heed to fragile and temporary. so yes, the jukebox hero is stupid. but that is where it's power lies. itis purposefully unreasonable, and therfore meaningful.

The rebel alliance is freedom. personal freedom, collaberation, collective action, and struggle without heed to odds. it is personal freedom without undue regulations. it is responsibility in self. it is a group of people of different backgrounds working together on a common ground by sacrificing superficial needs to meet a goal.it is struggle for the sake of struggle, without hope succeeding. this is the best kind of struggle, a struggle where you cannot possibily meet your goals. only here will you find the strength, or lack thereof, inside of you. how can you know yourself without knowing your abilities and nonabilities.

kokopelli is life. he is a recognition of that which has created, supports, and will continue to support the miracle of life on this planet. it is elemental and something to be respected. it is respect, but not a solemn respect. it is at the same time spontaneous and rejoicing, musical and free of the shakels of human society. it is unbridled energy.

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