05 April 2010

Back in Black (and Gold)

Well, dear vast, empty space known as the Interweb, I have returned. Now schooled in the art of war. I can shoot a gun, chuck a grenade, mis-fire an A-4 anti-tank rocket, and drive army trucks of all sorts. I am physically and mentally tough, or so they tell me, and ready to complete any mission. And now... I have no governmentally assigned mission (thank God). This allows me to once again troll the internet, go to school, date a girl, see my family, and generally be a real person. Its exciting.

While many thoughts have been thunk in the past half year, trying to catch you up, dear reader, would be an exercise in futility, so I will just start anew. I recently gained employment, real people's work type stuff, painting. Actually should be pretty fun. I'm excited to get back to work.

Stay tuned to read more of my political musings, religious musings, and general bullshit. Its great to be home and out of the army (for the time being).

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