22 October 2009

Media (eeevil) Shennanigans

Now, I'll agree with some complaints about liberal media bias. I mean, lets look at how the people who are in the media are raised. They go to college. Liberal campuses are not uncommon. Probably the norm unless you go to some bullshit bible college. Strike one. Liberal Bias from the beginning, if not in class then in atmosphere.

Second, communications, journalism, and such are LIBERAL ARTS majors, designed to make well rounded, understanding, well informed people. One can reasonably expect these people to be liberal leaning.

Third, most of the media outlets in this country are based in major metropolitan areas. Now, if any somewhat intelligent person looks at a voting trend map, they will undoubtedly find that metro areas are by far the most left leaning parts of the country. It is common that rural and suburban voters lean right, urban voters lean left.

All this being said, is anyone at all surprised that major media outlets are left leaning? No, and maybe people should take this and understand the reasons behind it (READ: glen beck may be retarded).

Now Fox News. If you don't recognize that this is first and foremost 'entertainment' and secondly an outlet for a WASP Republican base that is quickly losing its majority in this country then, well, I feel very sorry for you. Heres a link to this spiraling, desperate crew caught on video.

Fox News is a spin machine, using its Op-Eds to fuel its news making potential because the news they really would like to report on doesn't really exist in the extent that it used to. I have no sorrow for the ignorant racists and Rand fanatics losing their political clout. Time for real, fiscal and constitutional conservatives to jump ship, gather with like minded, equal rights center lefts, and create a new party. Com'on folks. Its about time.

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