22 January 2011

The Calm Before the Storm

My second semester of grad. school starts next week. Back to the grindstone. It will be nice to get a sense of purpose back to the day. The goal of the next half year will be to get a more efficient, manageable schedule that will allow for a higher level of training during the week and more efficient time usage for school.

I sat down with a good friend, Eric Schmidt, over break and had a great chat. He is currently in grad. school at Duke for a Ph.D. in political science. Our discussion about the work load of school and the time requirements, along with my recent experiences with the last semester, has convinced me that, in order to live a more balanced life (not one that is so dominated by school) I need to evaluate the work at hand before plunging into it without thinking. Treating every assignment equally last semester was a mistake, and I paid dearly with my stress level in every other aspect of my life.

I'll be experimenting with different ways to manage the stress, namely a more regimented schedule, greater control over my calendar, and exercise goals. More to follow.

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Shannon said...

I really like this... sounds like a smart way to approach things. Good luck bro... Don't forget your little sis along the way :)